April 03, 2019

Homeowners need versatile, indoor-outdoor living spaces that are simple to use no matter the time of year. Indoor-outdoor living spaces are typically located where homeowners can move effortlessly back and forth between the living spaces while entertaining.

These areas are great for both relaxing and entertaining and give homeowners the opportunity to take indoor activities outside (and vice-versa).

No matter what environment you’re designing for, your indoor-outdoor space should be as beautiful as it is functional. These seven inspiring spaces can inspire you to bring extra sunlight, fresh air and comfort into your vision.

1. Outdoor Seating That Extends Your Living Space



If you’re designing for a climate where the sun shines most of the time, maximize your good fortune and extend your everyday indoor living space outside. A full seating area that functions as a natural extension off of the home creates an immersive experience for homeowners.

Complete the setup with a stylish, weather-proof awning, and consider retractable or folding doors for a versatile area you can truly live in year-round.

2. Expansive Sliding Doors to Complement The View



When you’ve got a beautiful vista to enjoy, you need a great space to enjoy the view. Incorporate sleek, floor-to-ceiling sliding doors or windows into your space that don’t distract from what’s outside. If your attached deck or patio is smaller in size, try keeping the furniture minimal so it won’t take away from the landscape.

3. Utilizing the Outdoors for Extra Dining Space

Seattle Residental Home with MINIMAL Glass + Doors.

When you want to host large dinner parties, but don’t have enough seating in your kitchen and dining areas, take advantage of the space on your back patio. A large, expansive opening from a lift and slide glass door will give you access to plenty of extra seating while allowing for easy movement between the indoor and outdoor areas.

4. Modern Meets Rustic



Dressing up your pool patio will give you the relaxing lifestyle you deserve. Large, open cutouts and rectangular inspiration create a peaceful oasis that’s a combination of contemporary and rustic. Natural materials blend into the background, allowing you to feel surrounded by the outdoors while still sheltered from the weather.

5. The Best of Indoor-Outdoor Living


Glass walls make all the difference in this breathtaking, indoor-outdoor space, providing homeowners with a view into and outside of their home. Glass-walled balconies add safety without obstructing views, while an expansive, glass-walled living area shows at a glance that every inch of this property is impressive.

Modern, outdoor furnishings and surfaces not only match the indoor style, but also the pool area and the house itself.

6. Maximizing Natural Light



Stuck inside? Open up a climate-controlled, indoor living space with minimalistic glass doors and let the natural light pour in. You’ll not only brighten your room, you may even soak up a healthy dose of Vitamin D in the process.

7. Warm Wood Tones



This majestic, lodge-inspired patio will give you cabin fever--in the best possible way! Grand, wooden beams create warmth and visual interest, while corresponding brown and gold neutrals are mimicked in the wooden sliding door frames and weatherproof furniture.

A cozy atmosphere makes the perfect introduction for those stepping outside to admire the great outdoors, and with a built-in fireplace to ward off evening chills, this lovely space can be enjoyed any time of the year.

Key Tips for Designing Your Indoor-Outdoor Space

Natural light, high-performance materials, modern lines or unlimited views - whatever is most important to you, make sure that’s the focus of your indoor-outdoor design.

Blurring the lines between under-air living rooms and pergola-covered patios helps create smooth transitions between each area of the home and dissuades homeowners from neglecting one area for another.

By creating an environment that enables activity, relaxation and function, you’ll discover a well-balanced setting that works for everyone and is pleasing to the senses.

Head to MINIMAL Glass + Door’s gallery for inspiration on the best way to expand your indoor-outdoor living space today.


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