November 27, 2018

If you’re looking for a unique, versatile and energy efficient feature that brings the outdoors inside, an oversized window may be exactly what you need. Here are eight ways large windows can enhance any space, no matter the size, shape or design.

Dream Big

Large windows blur the lines between your home’s interior and exterior. Incorporate the natural features of the landscape to make the whole space yours. Whether it’s mountains or oceans near your home or a busy cityscape for your multifamily residence, frame it and show it off to visitors or just take a moment to marvel at your view on your own.



Keep It Simple

An oversized window is an added feature you barely see, but it enhances your space like nothing else. Bringing in floor-to-ceiling natural light creates dynamic beauty throughout the day. Creating shapes and shadows, you almost don’t need anything else to decorate your bedroom, home or apartment.



Keep It Calm

Bring the serenity of nature into your home or apartment. A full-pane large window is ideal for all rooms, including your home office, living room or hallway. Along with all the natural light it offers, a large window can provide inspiration and a moment of peace as you move between tasks.



Or use a window the length and width of your wall to create the perfect luxurious showpiece bathroom. Soak away the day while enjoying the tranquility of nature just beyond your fingertips.



Make It Functional

Coupled with elements like sliding doors, an oversized window can create movement and flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Enjoy an unlimited view as you entertain guests in your dining room, or make it easy to keep an eye on the kitchen while you serve cocktails on the patio. For apartments, large window in a sliding door that open to a balcony can make the smaller space feel larger.





Make It Roomier

In many urban areas, space is at a premium, but that doesn’t have to mean your next apartment or condominium has to be dark and cramped. Oversized windows create space and bring in light, delivering the sense of a spacious retreat, even if you can only afford a few hundred square feet.

And because of a window’s versatility, it’s a feature that can add clean lines to even the smallest modern spaces, or complement current interior design trends including exposed brick, wood or concrete surfaces, as well as any number of lighting fixtures.

Shape It Any Way You Want

Oversized windows are often a custom built feature, so if your architect can dream it, MINIMAL Glass + Door will make it a reality. Architects can create a panoramic view that flows with the lines of the home. Vaulted ceilings, A-frame construction and lofts are all ideally suited to both interior and exterior windows, whether you live in a single family home or own an apartment downtown.





Keep it Green

Modern window can be designed to accommodate double and even triple glazing, making them highly energy efficient. Standards like the Passive Building Certification look for features such as triple glazed windows that utilize sunlight to passively heat a home’s interior but are also airtight enough to keep that heat in on even the coldest days.

So don’t let snowy climates or colder evenings limit the scope of your design. Choose the right large windows and open up your home, no matter where you live.



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