December 20, 2018

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Prospective tenants will judge your multi-family building on its appearance before they ever step foot inside. By designing with the upscale, modern features that today’s tenants are searching for, the building will gain more interest, leading to more profit for the owner.

One modern feature that’s popular today is commercial glass wall systems, also known as folding glass doors. A blend of traditional windows and glass walls, this system adds versatility and modern touches to your building, which can entice future residents to take a closer look.

Here are just a few of the benefits of including a folding glass wall system in your multi-family building.

1. Create a Modern, Contemporary Look

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There’s no denying the popularity of the modern style in design today. You see it everywhere: in museums, stores and even multi-family residences. Modern features create an elegant and appealing design that is sure to attract tenants.

One common theme in modern design is the reliance on glass as a primary material. Glass wall systems can quickly provide a modern touch to any space, with their sleek frames and heavy glass panels.

The beauty of this system works great with any architectural style, whether you want to add modern touches to an existing style or if you are creating a fully modern design. With the simple addition of a glass wall system, even older buildings or apartments can be brought into modern times.

2. Allow for a Great View

The standard windows you find in a multi-family building tend to be small, reducing outside views and pushing potential renters away.

By replacing the standard windows of a multi-family residence with a glass wall system, there is no missing out on potentially amazing views. These wall systems can cover an entire wall or substantial portion of it, making it easy to enjoy the view.

If privacy is a concern, especially in city areas, try adding a glaze which prevents people in neighboring buildings from seeing into the unit. Additionally, there’s always the option of shades or curtains for added privacy or filtering light throughout the day.

3. They Make a Statement

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There is no denying that glass walls are a statement piece, regardless of where they are placed. For potential renters, this could be the deciding factor in signing a lease.

Whether the glass wall system looks out of the building or is used as a dividing wall within the space, it’s sure to stand out. Such a big statement piece will make any multi-family apartment more luxurious and attract higher-end tenants.

4. Space Saving Option

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The space-saving design of commercial glass wall systems makes them an excellent option for multi-family residences. In these types of buildings, space can come at a premium, so it is essential to ensure available space is used to its advantage. This benefits both the owner, who can fit more apartments in the building, and the residents, who gain more space in their unit.

Typical swinging doors can take up valuable space when they are opened, limiting the space available for furniture, decor and entertaining. Commercial glass wall systems fold open instead, creating more usable space without limits.

They also provide for a larger opening than standard swinging doors, allowing better access to the patio or balcony. Some companies can also create custom sized folding door systems, so they will fit your design perfectly.

5. Allow More Light to Enter



One of the most desired features of a multi-family unit is natural light. Natural light can make any space feel more substantial and more welcoming, not to mention the health benefits it provides to tenants.

Commercial glass wall systems allow for large amounts of natural light to enter the unit. And by using double- or triple-glazed glass, heat and air conditioning will stay inside the unit, allowing tenants to save on their utility bills which is a great selling point for building owners.

Choosing a Glass Wall System

Many companies offer commercial glass wall systems, but none stand out like MINIMAL Glass + Door. Their folding glass door systems are beautifully designed and will make any multi-family home building stand out from the rest.

MGD lets you customize the system to best fit your needs, with the option to glaze the glass, change the color of the framing, size the system to your exact specifications and more, so that it works perfectly within your design.

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