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May 13, 2019


When a project calls for new windows and doors, contractors need to do everything they can to ensure a smooth, timely installation.

Whether you’re remodeling and replacing old units or installing a sleek new set of windows, it’s helpful to have a set of guidelines for the process. Keep reading for a checklist that builders and remodelers can use when installing windows and doors in their next project.

✓ Understand the Design Your Customers Want

There are so many different ways to design with glass, and homeowners want options that work for their home design. Make sure your window and door installation makes the homeowner a priority: they’ll be the ones living with the design long-term.

Architect drawing home plans or architectural designs.


Understanding their design goals will also determine how and where glass windows and door panels should be installed throughout the home. If large expanses of glass are needed, for instance, you might need to call on a structural engineer to approve the design.

✓ Know Your Options for Windows and Doors

You’ll also want to know the customer’s preferences when it comes to window and door hardware. With products like those from MINIMAL Glass + Door, there are an infinite number of color choices for the framing and hardware used in a project.

Modern home with folding accordion glass doors.


✓ Give Homeowners Cost-Effective Designs

Featured in the above image is an accordion door system between an outdoor deck and the dining space. These doors add wow-factor to a home’s design; plus, the solution they provide makes the system more cost-effective than homeowners might expect.

This combination of versatility, modern design and energy efficiency make these folding glass doors the perfect alternative to outdated French doors and tiny windows, bringing more natural light inside and indoor-outdoor versatility to the home.

✓ Know What Features Are Available

Builders can also ensure their clients are protected from severe weather by installing windows and doors that are tested for the highest durability standards. This includes the components used in glass products, like hardware, weather stripping, coatings and finishes.

✓ Find Solutions That Offer Comfort

When you’re selecting glass windows and doors, operability is crucial, especially over the course of time. Homeowners want products they can rely on for years to come, so they’ll want to choose window and door products that open and close easily.

Architect with blueprints looking at a house.


The glass door system by MINIMAL Glass + Door featured above redefines what sliding glass doors can offer to residential design.

The hardware’s sleek lift and slide technology makes the MLift safe and easy to operate. The system can withstand weights up to 500 kg so homeowners can select large expanses of glass for their design without sacrificing comfort or operability.

✓ Give Them Window and Door Solutions That Go Above Standards

Glass window and door systems are rated by a few factors that determine their overall energy-efficiency rating:

  • The U-factor, which indicates how much heat the window allows out of the house.
  • The Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, which indicates the amount of solar heat that’s allowed in through the windows.

Both numbers tell us how these windows will perform, and when you’re looking at these ratings, keep in mind what the local climate is like and if the glass products you work with are certified to handle those conditions.

✓ Be Clear About the Installation

Once your clients understand their options for window and door design and have decided on products, you’ll want to cover the following before the project kicks off.

1) Warranties

Not all window and door warranties are the same, and the coverage depends on the products and materials used. You’ll want to know which parts are covered, if the warranty is transferable and if installation is covered, so check with the manufacturer before the project begins.

2) Project Timeline

Construction of Minimal Glass and Door project.


Make sure customers understand the project’s overall timeline and prepare them for any possible delays that might pop up. It’s important to communicate with them immediately when unforeseen issues arise (like severe weather or product availability).

Working with a manufacturer who helps with the window and door installation process can help you iron out some of these issues and keep your project on track. (Learn more about how MINIMAL Glass + Door helps their clients install quality products in a timely fashion.)

3) Home Preparation

If you’re installing windows or doors in an existing home, let homeowners know which areas of the space will be affected by the project and if they’ll need to prepare any old window and door units for removal.

4) Inspection

You’ll also need to have the window and door installation work inspected once it’s complete, to ensure the project meets local code requirements. Regions that experience extreme weather, for instance, may have higher performance standards than previous building codes might have required.

5) Project Completion

When you’re wrapping up the job, you’ll want to go through the work that was completed with the homeowner to review quality. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how to operate new systems installed and to talk about any maintenance requirements.

View from interior of a modern home with a waterfront view and large glass and window features.


Delivering Solutions You Can Count On

Homeowners today want energy efficiency and functionality built into their home design. Choosing the right glass windows and doors can help your clients achieve exactly the design they’re after.

You can find code-compliant, versatile, energy-saving solutions more easily when you know what products are available and work with the right manufacturer. Contact MINIMAL Glass + Door to answer any other questions you might have about window and door installation or if you’re looking for more design inspiration.


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