March 15, 2019



Coastal homes are stunning in their own right, but it's the beautiful views they offer that draw people in. The installation of expansive, oversized windows offers homeowner clear, unobstructed views of their property and the coastline.

Placement of windows largely focuses on providing the best views of the coastline and any key areas within the immediate landscaping of the property. And by working with superior windows, home designers can be as liberal as they like with window placement.

Apart from specific placement for enhancing views of the outdoors, there are some other factors to consider to get perfect oversized window placement.

Amplify Natural Lighting and Energy-Efficiency



A significant advantage of oversized windows is the amplification of natural lighting within the home. Natural sunlight illuminates a home beautifully and helps to reduce reliance on artificial lights. Many homeowners find that it gives a more welcoming ambiance to their house as well.

Concerns over damaging UV rays and insulation loss are common concerns, especially when dealing with sub-standard windows. However, the design of MINIMAL Glass + Door windows and glass walls mitigate these negative effects.

UV rays from the sun can cause damage to the interior of the home. This is most noticeable through color fading on furnishings and the paint on the walls. Poor quality windows, particularly those without low-e coatings, offer no UV protection.

MINIMAL Glass + Door glass protects the home by dual- or triple-glazing their glass panels. This transparent glaze doesn't at all affect the visibility through the windows themselves but does block UV rays from penetrating.

Dual- and triple-glazed windows and glass walls also improve the energy-efficiency of the home. In addition to blocking UV rays, they improve the insulative properties of these thermally-broken windows.

Thermally-broken windows have a specially designed frame with a thermal break between the aluminum frame pieces to prevent energy loss between the exterior and interior of the home. A dual- or triple-glaze enhances the energy-efficiency of MINIMAL Glass + Door oversized window systems.

Preserving Privacy With Oversized Windows



Oversized windows typically detract from privacy rather than add to it but films and frosting help alleviate concerns. The level of privacy required is solely reliant upon the homeowner, but generally, some level of it will be needed in private spaces in the home.

MINIMAL Glass + Door offers a number of customization options for their oversized windows and MWall series of products, including the ability to frost the glass panels.

By frosting the glass, you are able to preserve privacy within certain spaces without sacrificing natural lighting within the room. Frosted glass is particularly useful for bathrooms or bedrooms that are begin outfitted with oversized windows.

Consider that not all panels within a window or glass wall system need to be frosted. For example, if the homeowner desires oversized windows within the master bathroom, frost only the windows by the personal spaces (shower or toilet area).

Maintain Security Without Sacrificing Beauty



Home security is a pertinent subject in the design of high-end coastal homes, particularly homes outfitted with oversized windows. Having expansive views of the coastline also means that unwanted visitors can peer into your home.

Oversized windows and glass wall systems must offer a high level of security to give homeowners peace of mind that their house is protected from intruders. The level of security windows offer is reliant upon the quality and strength of the glass as well as the hardware being used.

The glass construction in the windows should be highly durable and difficult to break. This calls for tempered safety glass to be used in either a double- or triple-paned design. Glazing on windows will also help with shock absorption from an impact and help maintain the integrity of the windows for longer.

The locking mechanism on the windows should not be easy to force open or manipulate either. Premium hardware will keep windows securely closed until they are opened by someone within the home itself.

MINIMAL Glass + Door products use specially designed hardware sourced from quality manufacturers that makes them an incredibly safe and secure option.

Enhance Your Coastal Home With MINIMAL Glass + Door

MINIMAL Glass + Door's line of luxury oversized windows and sleek MWall series are the ultimate choices for homeowners desiring unobstructed coastal views. Constructed with top of the line resilient, thermal-glazed glass and stunning modern framing, MINIMAL Glass offers a combination of beauty and strength for enhancing every coastal home.

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