December 14, 2018



Modern home design is a popular trend with today’s homeowners. These designs rely on big, open spaces, tall ceilings and contemporary finishes to create stunning, picture perfect homes.

While there are many different design features available for creating the perfect modern home, moving glass wall systems are an easy way to add a wow factor while staying true to the modern style.

Moving glass wall systems are expansive glass doors that give the look of a traditional glass wall with the benefit of being able to fold open. These versatile and customizable wall systems have the ability to completely transform a home from something basic to something absolutely stunning.

Let’s look at four ways to customize these walls to suit your next design.

1. Style of the Frame



Customizing the frame style is a great way to ensure the glass wall system works well in your modern home design.

While a black aluminum frame is the most common option due to its versatility, you can also order doors with a different finish. If you want a more industrial look, try silver, but if you want something a little more rustic, you can try a shade of brown or bronze. For a clean, crisp look, white is the way to go.

No matter what design aesthetic you are working with, you can find the right frame color for your project.

2. Number and Size of the Glass Panels



You can also customize the size of the moving glass wall system, the number of glass panels, and their height and width.

This is part of what makes these wall systems such a versatile design component. Regardless of the size of the space you are working with, you can design a glass wall system that will fit perfectly.

3. Glazed or Frosted Glass

Mglass 4

Don’t think that glass walls systems can only open to a patio or balcony. These wall systems are a great and innovative design option for the inside of a home as well.

Depending on where the wall system is located inside the home, you may want to consider having a glaze or frosting on the glass. This will afford the homeowner more privacy, especially if the glass wall system is dividing their bedroom from the rest of the house as in the image above.

Frosting or glazing not only gives the homeowner more privacy, but it also has the classic appearance of glass, as well as letting in more natural light to the rest of the home.

4. Location of Door Folds

Mglass 5


Some homeowners may not realize that the way a door opens is extremely important as it affects the usability of the space within the home. As a designer, you understand this importance and should always aim to use products that give you several opening options, letting you use the space to its full advantage.

Quality glass wall systems slide along a track perpendicularly and do not fully open inwards or outwards like a standard door. Instead, they fold like an accordion. However, even doors that fold will take up space when open, either in the interior or exterior of the home.

For example, if you want to maximize interior space, ensure that the door's folds will be on the exterior of the home, as in the image above. If you want to maximize exterior space, the door's folds should be located on the interior of the wall.

Choosing Your Glass Wall System

When it comes to designing newer homes, modern finishes are becoming increasingly popular, so it is important to choose the right touches to get this look.

By installing a moving glass wall system, you can create a beautiful, modern home design that will fill the home with light and create a more airy, open space that flows seamlessly from room-to-room and even from inside to outside, making the home feel like a single space.

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