April 15, 2019



Open any design magazine or check out the latest design trends online and you’ll see what’s hot. Exposed plumbing fixtures, eat-in kitchens, acrylic furniture. Whatever your design preferences, there is a trend for you.

But great design is about more than a signature shade of blue or the perfect countertop. You need a frame to house the masterpiece. Often the best and most critical part of a design is the thing you almost don’t see.

Glass window, door and wall systems are a key component of any design. They let in natural light, create movement from one room to the next, and connect your interior design with the world around you. Here are some great ideas on how to use windows and doors to really accentuate and show off your next design concept.

Light, Views And Fresh Air



The open concept floor plan is here to stay. As living rooms blend with dining rooms and kitchens, homeowners are looking for designs that bring a sense of light and airiness. High ceilings and lots of natural light enhance the clean modern look. Select sliding doors and window walls to open the space up even more by blurring the transition between indoors and out.

Emphasizing Color: No More Grey



Similar to open concept design, current interior decorating trends are all about color. Red tones, jewel tones, a pop of yellow or green. The best way to show off your pale pinks or your accent wall is with bright natural light. A well-positioned window and door system—including interior glass wall systems—will help show off your carefully selected palette better than any electric bulb.

Quality Over Quantity for Millennials



The word ‘millennial’ has become such a buzzword that it’s easy to forget that what millennials want is going to dominate the market—all the markets—for the foreseeable future. When it comes to home buying and design, millennials are interested in quality over quantity and unique touches.

Creative placement of windows and doors creates space and lightness for millennials who aren’t looking for a sprawling home. And unique touches like moving glass wall systems, both inside and outside, are the kind of design feature that they will take pride in and love to show off to visitors.

Mixing Metals



Living room design is getting eclectic again, and designers are encouraging home owners to mix their metals. Grouping accents in pewter, silver or bronze draws the eye and adds distinctive style. You can enhance the overall effect by selecting custom window and door frames. Try silver for an industrial look, or brown or bronze for something more rustic.

Kitchens Leading to the Outdoors



A walk-out kitchen makes the movement of guests and food seamless when you’re entertaining or simply gathering for a family meal. More and more, homeowners are adding big doors to their kitchens. Sliding glass doors have been in use for decades, but folding or pivoting doors add a unique look to your space, while also saving room.

More Green and Net Zero Building



Energy efficiency is at the top of everyone’s list, and the demand is moving beyond appliances and light bulbs. Builders are seeing greater demand for design standards like Net Zero. These standards include energy efficient building materials that minimize thermal transfer and take advantage of natural light to reduce the use of electrical lighting during the day.

Window walls, large doors and even interior glass panels are a great way to bring natural light into your home, but if you’re going to keep your heating and air conditioning bills down, make sure you’re selecting triple glazed glass to reduce heat loss and moisture intrusion.

Matte Black



Black never really goes away. It can be classic, luxurious or modern. From the little black dress at a party to the big black SUV rolling down the street, it’s a standard, and it’s great to see it coming back into interior design.

Matte black fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom are a great way to update the look and feel of the space. Adding in black frames around windows and doors will tie the whole aesthetic together, creating a sense of durability and intention in the room.

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