Home with accordion folding windows.


October 21, 2019

If you're planning or constructing your new home, you are most likely confronted with many design considerations. One of the most important considerations is selecting energy-efficient windows and doors.

In the Pacific Northwest, window selection is important to optimize coastal views, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on efficiency. Efficient window design keeps heating costs down in the winter while minimizing excessive heat in the summer.

By using thermally broken windows, you can prevent the less desirable effects of excessive heat, excessive brightness in south-facing windows and UV damage to furniture.

This article showcases architectural designs that incorporate thermally broken aluminum windows to give you some inspiration for the design of your new contemporary home.

Thermally Broken Curtain Wall

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Seattle, Washington

This project uses a thermally broken curtain wall design to blur the transition between indoor and outdoor space.

Before the construction phase, it’s important to consult with a glass specialist to make sure windows have unique thermal breaks. Companies like MINIMAL Glass + Door (MGD) can provide windows that are custom-engineered for every project.

Each glazing system has to be unique in a new home’s design because it requires careful integration with structural elements. These elements include wall details, roofs and wall claddings.

Glass curtain walls can be made from a variety of materials, such as aluminum, wood, steel, fiberglass and more that don’t support the weight of the roof or floor. Instead, the wind resistance and gravity load transfer from the surface to the building’s floor line. MGD’s curtain walls are lightweight aluminum-framed facades that house glass panels.

Aside from its more conventional use on commercial towers, the curtain wall is also becoming common in residential towers. With the growing complexity in architecture and design, curtain walls need to accommodate features like balconies, roof decks and sliding glass doors.

MGD’s exclusive curtain wall profiles use unique thermal breaks and the window design for every home is custom-engineered for every project. MWall is designed to exceed every energy efficiency requirement in North America.

Thermally Broken Window Systems

Seattle Residental Home with MINIMAL Glass + Doors.


Seattle, Washington

In a project with a lot of glazing, it is important to select the proper windows for moisture management. Low-quality window systems have only one primary moisture barrier. They don’t include any preventative measures for moisture getting past the outer surface.

By using thermally broken windows, you have two separate lines of defense against moisture and efficient drainage.

Since metal and aluminum are excellent conductors of heat and cold, a great deal of heat can be lost or gained through the frame of the window and door. This will ultimately undermine the performance of a high-performance glass selected for a window.

MGD uses a Thermally Broken Frame that features a reinforced polyamide strip. It's a non-metallic, composite, structural material fixed between the inside and outside aluminum profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the window frame. MGD products utilize 1 1/4" glazing as a minimum standard along with industry-leading low-e coatings from Guardian Industries.

Thermally Broken Folding Doors

Home with accordion folding windows.


Vancouver, British Columbia

This project features the use of thermally broken aluminum folding doors because of its durability. When opened, it allows access to a breathtaking view of the water without any obstruction. When closed, it's the best barrier against weather, climate, temperature and moisture.

To “break” the energy loss that occurs in windowed doors when closed, it all starts with the frame. It is possible to place thermal breaks into the window to prevent loss of heat from moving through the frame.

Choosing Your Thermally Broken Aluminum Windows

Proper window selection is important to highlight the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest. You can incorporate many of these inspirations to use thermally broken aluminum window in your home, too.

MINIMAL Glass + Door provides you with limitless possibilities in window design by combining contemporary design with exceptional hardware. The cutting-edge thermally broken window technology we use has many color choices and frame profiles to fit your design needs.

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