January 07, 2019

A sliding door is a practical solution to move people through your home while maximizing space. But incorporated into the right design, it’s so much more than practical. Here are ten great ways to use a sliding door to customize your next renovation or new build.

1. The Home Office Escape



Home offices are often the runner-up when it comes to design. Just squeeze a desk into the room that isn’t being used for something else and you can call it an office.

However, an office can be beautiful, even if it’s on the smaller side, by utilizing a sliding door. It’s is a great way to create spaciousness. Open it during a busy day of phone calls to bring in the breeze, and then walk right through to dinner and leave work behind.

2. The Minimalist Retreat



A narrow frame in a muted color lets a sliding door blend in seamlessly with the rest of the room, leaving behind only the impression of endless glass. Use a sliding door in your next bathroom design to blur the lines between the indoors and outdoors, creating a quiet retreat with a stunning soaker tub.

3. The Mix and Match



Pair a sliding door with multiple large glass panes to maximize available natural light and make your home feel even bigger. Narrow rooms will benefit from the added sense of space, and you can easily move guests from patio cocktails to the dining room for dinner, or around the fireplace if the evening gets cool.

4. The Indoor Space Saver



A sliding door doesn’t have to only be for outside. Using glass indoors opens up any room while maximizing your space. Move from room to room easily. The best part of indoor sliding doors is you’ll never have to vacuum behind a door again!

5. The Bigger Is Better



With an extra wide sliding door, you can double your living space by merging outdoor areas with an indoor family room or kitchen. This design is great for entertaining, or just for keeping an eye on dinner while you watch the sunset from the patio.

6. The Poolside Portal



If you’ve got it, flaunt it. You’ve worked hard to match the design of your outdoor pool with the aesthetic of your home’s interior, and you need to show it off. A sliding door is a great way to create easy pool access from any room in the house and bring the expansiveness of your pool and patio indoors all year long.

7. The Winter Wonder



Sliding doors give you an easy escape to warm summer days, but many modern designs like MINIMAL Glass + Door’s windows and doors include triple glazing to keep the cold air out in winter. So don’t be shy if you’re living in more northern climates. You can enjoy all the beauty and functionality of sliding doors without sacrificing your heating costs.

8. The Chameleon



Sliding doors and glass panels are a great way to change the layout of your home from day to day. Set up smaller spaces for work or relaxation, and then open them up to entertain or bring the family together.

9. The Party Portal



Anyone who has ever hosted a party in their home knows that eventually, your guests will assemble in the kitchen. It’s where the action happens. A sliding door keeps the party going from the patio to the kitchen and back again. No need to carry drinks and snacks through the house. Grab a refill without stopping the conversation.

10. The Perfect View



One of the reasons you bought your home is for the view. A sliding door lets you keep every inch of it. Whether you’re in the family room or a dining room, enjoy unobstructed views from every angle and step into the great outdoors in a second.

These ten design ideas are just a jumping off point for your next building or renovation project. For more inspiration, or to discuss how MINIMAL Glass + Doors can help you reach your design dreams, contact MINIMAL Glass + Door.


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