August 30, 2018

A good home design should not only fulfill your vision for your home, but also accommodate your lifestyle. Depending on your desires and budget, this could be as simple as questioning your building materials or as labor intensive as taking on a complete renovation.

Either way, the end result should be the same. The design of your home should encourage your lifestyle choices and look amazing while doing it.

Green Living

More people than ever are embracing green lifestyles. By going the route of green living, people are not only preserving the earth’s resources but protecting their health and the health of their families.



Rethink Recycling
: Maybe you are already recycling in the kitchen, but have you thought about your décor? This stylish bedroom uses recycled timbers to create an eye-catching accent wall. Reusing building materials is budget-friendly and helps reduce landfill waste.



Ask Questions
: When you are hiring contractors, inquire about what efforts they are making to be a green company. Are the materials they use eco-friendly and sustainable? Do they have any green certifications? This space was fitted with windows by MINIMAL Glass + Doors, a company known for their high-end, environmentally friendly windows.



Plant a Garden: It’s hard to know exactly what chemicals are used on grocery store produce, so why not eliminate the unknown by growing your own. Planting a garden can take up as little or as much space as you please. Plus, growing your own fruits and vegetables eliminates the transport of your produce, ultimately reducing emissions.

Aging in Place

We can’t stop aging, but we can make it a little easier. For people who plan to grow old in their home, there are design choices that can keep it comfortable as they age.



Keep Mobility in Mind
: If mobility could be an issue, don’t install high shelves or crowded corners. Keep cupboards and handles lower to the ground for easy access and make sure there is plenty of space to maneuver through. Wide aisles are especially important for the use of walkers or wheelchairs.



Seek Security
: At any age, people want to feel secure, but this need intensifies as we get older. Investing in strong windows and doors and a good security system are all good ideas. These changes may not make a huge impact on the aesthetic of a home, but the peace of mind that they provide is priceless.



Consider Obstacles: Make sure the space you have is easily accessible. Small doorways and stairs can be a hindrance, so it’s ideal to go with an open-concept design that keeps everything on one floor. Also, ensure there are no raised profiles in between rooms, so wheelchairs and walkers won’t have obstacles when maneuvering around the house or onto the patio.

Compact Living

Less is truly more when it comes to compact living. It can be both freeing and invigorating to downsize your space and minimize possessions.



Create Multi-Purpose Rooms: Limited space is one of the biggest problems with compact living, especially if moving from a more spacious abode. One way to tackle this problem is through multi-purpose rooms. For example, this living room’s projector screen doubles as the backside of a pull-down Murphy bed.



Creatively Divide Spaces
: Compact living depends on open spaces, but most people still want to have some kind of division. Curtains and large doors are great traditional options, but if you are looking for something a bit more modern, you may want to give glass panels a try. They can break up a space without impeding natural light or the open feel.



Incorporate Large Windows: To avoid feeling claustrophobic, opt for large windows. Not only will they make the room feel more spacious, but if they overlook nature, you will be rewarded daily with an unrivaled view.


Building a family-oriented home means creating spaces that cater to the time you spend together, as well as the time you spend apart.



Designate A Room
: Designing a room where everyone can gather is a great way to encourage family time. Youthful and elegant is generally a dynamic combo for a family room, one that allows for fun group activities without sacrificing the home’s style.



Be Creative: They are only young once, so create a bedroom or playroom that is tailored to encourage their imaginations. This LEGO-themed room features a round sitting area for the family to create LEGO masterpieces together, plus a ball pit for extra fun.



Create a Kitchen Hub: A kitchen should invite conversation and activity, so make sure to pay attention to how it flows to other rooms. Creating an open-concept design is a great way to do this. This house takes the idea of open-concept a step further by utilizing the MFold window system to seamlessly blend the boundaries of interior and exterior space.

With the right design and plan of action, you could be one step closer to living in your dream home and embracing the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Whether you desire to up your green initiative, age in place, embrace compact living, or increase family contentment, your home should always be one of your biggest allies.


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