Living room and dining room with large sliding glass door.


November 06, 2019

Achieving great residential design requires careful decision-making and the right building materials, but it can also take some inspiration. Today’s architects and designers have plenty of options to create beautiful homes, especially when it comes to glass design. But how architects use glass in their design is key, and large sliding doors might offer solutions that haven’t been considered.

Modern residential design comes with a few challenges: stricter building and safety codes, an overwhelming number of material choices and homeowner demand for beautiful, functional design.

When architects use large sliding doors in their design, they’ll be able to achieve all of those things. Here are a few sliding door design ideas that can make your next project a visual success.

Deliver More Functional Design

Successful residential design complements the home’s natural surroundings, so that homeowners can enjoy direct access to the outdoors.

If you’re looking for solutions that provide optimal visual access to the surrounding environment, a large sliding door gives you far more to work with than windows or traditional sliding doors will.

Seattle Residental Home with MINIMAL Glass + Doors.


In the modern home featured above, designers were able to effectively increase the amount of the home’s living and entertainment space with glass sliding exterior doors.

By installing MINIMAL Glass + Door (MGD)’s MLift sliding door, homeowners gain easy access to the patio and entertainment areas. The glass design opens up the interior of the home significantly and delivers ample amounts of natural light for a healthier indoor environment.

Inspire Beauty With Simplicity

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Great design doesn’t need to be complex to be successful. Choosing a simple color palette, like the clean white used above, makes design decisions easier, and allows the rest of the space to shine. Including a large sliding patio door in the living space invites occupants and visitors to enjoy the greenery featured in the patio area, and makes the entertainment area that much more welcoming.

For homeowners looking for energy-efficient solutions, sliding glass doors that are dual- or triple-glazed will also keep indoor temperatures more stable. MGD’s MLift can help architects meet or exceed local energy efficiency requirements, and can help to prevent drafts from leaking into your home.

Impress Your Guests

Living room and dining room with large sliding glass door.


Because access to the outdoors and natural light is in such high demand in today’s residential market, architects sometimes need creative solutions for glass design.

MGD offers sliding glass door designs that come in a variety of track and panel configurations. That means architects are better able to design a system that works in just about any space.

Venveo 48


And unlike traditional sliding doors that are heavy and cumbersome to use, the MLift from MINIMAL Glass + Door uses special hardware to ensure the doors glide smoothly on the track, making it easy for anyone to operate. That means that even exceptionally large glass panels are easy to use, and with a variety of handles and trims to choose from, architects have plenty of options to work with.

Doors That Make Design Enjoyable

It’s easy to see how versatile and functional large sliding doors are in home design. They add visual interest and encourage occupants to use the space, sometimes in ways they might not always think of.

Large sliding doors give homeowners a way to adapt the layout of their space easily. Homeowners have the option to set up a smaller space for work (or afternoon naps on the couch), then open the door for a cocktail on the patio later in the evening.

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No matter what your design demands, sliding glass doors offer architects and designers solutions that traditional doors and windows aren’t able to achieve. From energy-efficiency to innovative visual design, a large sliding door might just be what your design calls for.

The MLift line from MINIMAL Glass + Door offers architects solutions in residential design, and our team of experienced professionals will even review your building plans to ensure you find a glass design that offers real solutions. Contact us here for a consultation, or check out the MLift line to get inspired.

Exteior view of ulta modern Vancouver home with windows by MINIMAL Glass + Door.



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