Seattle Residental Home with MINIMAL Glass + Doors.


September 30, 2019

Designing your new home is one of the most exciting life events that you’ll go through as a homeowner. However, it can certainly come with some hiccups and headaches if you’re not sure what to expect when dealing with a new home construction project.

Selecting luxury windows for your new home is a part of that process, and the decisions that you make about your new home’s glass design will have a big impact on the overall aesthetics and performance of the home.

Working with a reputable and quality glass manufacturer is the first step to finding the perfect windows for your home, so you get the design you want. Here are a few questions you or your architect will want to ask your manufacturer when choosing luxury windows.

Will This Elevate My New Home’s Design?

Seattle Residental Home with MINIMAL Glass + Doors.


The windows you choose for your new home play a major role in its design. From your home’s aesthetic to daylighting, the right glass design will help you achieve the look your home deserves.

Luxury windows will undoubtedly add elegance to your home’s design, but there are a few decisions that will ensure you get the kind of quality you’re looking for. Working with a glass manufacturer like MINIMAL Glass + Door (MGD) can guarantee your investment is protected because we’ll walk you through any decisions that you need to make throughout construction.

Sometimes those decisions aren’t easy, so it helps to know about and consider a few window product specifics first:

Glass: Double-glass windows are common in today’s homes, but a growing number of homeowners choose to install triple-glass windows because they help to lower energy costs and provide sound insulation. If you’re in a busy urban area, triple-glass windows might help to make your indoor acoustic environment more comfortable.

Frames: Traditional wood frames give homes a classic look, but many homeowners are using aluminum frames in their window design. That’s because wood frames need more maintenance than other materials and are at the mercy of the natural elements: A wet climate can cause wood frames to warp from excess moisture if the wood isn’t treated or maintained.

If you’re not sure how to navigate decisions around these details, your glass manufacturer could be the best resource. MGD routinely meets with homeowners and/or their architect for a design review where they talk through product features, building plans, home location and design goals.

What Can I Expect During Installation?

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Choosing an experienced professional is key when installing windows in your home. You’ll want to work with a firm that understands the best approach to window installation, especially since glass is an important (but delicate) component of your design. You can install windows any time of year, but the installer that you work with should be prepared for any expansion of the window frame and casing as the seasons change.

When you work with a manufacturer like MGD, the installation process is a priority! MGD works with homeowners so they’re aware of exactly what products are available and how they will be installed, along with an accurate budget and timeline for your custom installation.

MGD provides in-house installation services for Canadian clients, along with a dedicated team that delivers, installs and finishes your home’s glass design. If you’re in the United States, your custom products are delivered to a local installation team. MGD works directly with your builder on delivery and installation, and we’re available for any warranty or installation questions they might have.

How Can I Protect My Investment?

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When you invest in your home’s design by choosing luxury windows, you want some kind of guarantee that it’s been worth your time and money. Working with a glass manufacturer that understands your goals and concerns can give you peace of mind.

When homeowners work with MINIMAL Glass + Door, they can be confident that the window products they choose will be installed efficiently and safely, but the benefits extend beyond installation.

  • MGD was one of the first aluminum window and door suppliers to certify our product line with NAFS-2011 testing requirements, and we ensure the highest glass quality and engineering by keeping these certifications current.
  • MGD offers a 10-year warranty against failure and defects on glazed products, and any parts and materials are warrantied against premature failure and manufacturing for five years after installation. If any repairs or work are needed within two years of your MGD product installation, we’ll cover it.
  • MGD was founded with innovation as a priority, so we embrace modern technology in all aspects of our business, from scheduling systems to the latest in construction software. This ensures our projects (and business) run smoothly.

Your new home’s design is enhanced when you select luxury glass products. By working with a glass manufacturer who understands your design goals and acts as a partner in your window installation, you can ensure the time and money is well spent.

MINIMAL Glass + Door has helped hundreds of homeowners design and install beautiful, custom window products to give them the home the want. Learn more about our service process to find out how we can help you build a home you’ll love.


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