November 16, 2018

The style of patio door you choose can make a substantial difference in the way you use your home. They are the backbone of indoor-outdoor entertaining, and they can drastically increase the amount of natural light in your home, leading to a happier, healthier family. The right patio door should be both beautiful and easy to use.

When you choose new patio doors, you want your choice to fit your home. French doors are a classic choice, but there are two other options gaining popularity: inline sliding doors and lift and slide doors. While all three styles offer an escape to the outdoors and have their own advantages, lift and slide doors have the most to offer you.

Lift and Slide vs. Other Door Designs

French Doors



A tried and true option for patio doors includes the classic French door. These look more like actual doors but are wider and the glass is broken up into smaller rectangles. While these are a beautiful option, they don’t offer the same full-glass appearance as lift and slide doors do.

French doors also open on a hinge, which can create space issues when opened, especially in smaller homes where space is more valuable. Instead, lift and slide doors can offer you more overall freedom in designing your dream home and patio area without sacrificing floor space.

Traditional Sliding Doors



Inline sliding doors are one of the most popular patio door options. With inline sliding doors, you can have between two- and four-door panels that all sit within a metal frame. The handles on inline doors are used only to either pull or push the doors.

There’s also a weight limit for inline sliding doors as the door sits on rollers, which means that the glass panels can’t be too large. The more glass, the heavier the door and the harder it is to pull or push the doors on the track.

Lift and Slide Doors

Corner window in luxury residence.

Lift and slide doors sit directly on the track, which lets them accommodate heavier and larger glass panels. When you want to open the door, you turn the handle 180 degrees which lifts the door off the track, allowing it to glide gently as you open it.

This easy glide leads to less struggling when you want to enjoy the benefits of having a lift and slide door.

Advantages of Lift and Slide Doors

Dining room of luxury West Vancouver, BC home.

1. Unobstructed Views and Natural Light

Don’t let anything stand in the way of you and the amazing view that sold you on buying your home in the first place. One of the biggest benefits that come with lift and slide doors are the unobstructed views that they offer.

These sliding doors are made with larger glass panels and have less framing between each panel. This makes lift and slide doors an especially great option for people who have beautiful views from their home that they want full access to.

Because of the larger, unobstructed glass panels they have, you will also find that your home also gets more natural sunlight during the day. Research shows that natural light makes people happier (natural light boosts serotonin levels leading to improved moods), healthier (more natural light leads to increased Vitamin D which leads to a healthier body) and more productive (natural light increases attention span).

2. A Better Space-Saving Option & A Seamless Experience

Create a seamless path between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Some more old-fashioned doors are opened using a hinge mechanism. Others rely on door panels that are folded outwards when opened. Both of these options utilize a lot of space and create a clear barrier between indoor and outdoors.

Instead of relying on hinges that swing or fold, lift and slide doors do exactly that: they slide open and closed. This simple difference saves space and makes for a cleaner transition. When in a multiple panel configuration, the doors stack in front of each other, ensuring they use as little space as possible and won’t disrupt the flow of your indoor-outdoor entertaining areas.

3. An Energy-Saving Door Solution

Lift and slide doors use low-e glass, which is a glass pane that has had its surface coated with an ultra-thin layer of metallic oxides.

This layer is completely transparent and reflects heat, helping to support your home’s energy efficiency while also providing optimal sealing. Sealing ensures that your heating and cooling will not escape, saving you more money and keeping you comfortable in every season.

Updating Your Door Choice

Canning 07

When it comes to choosing the best type of door for your home, you want to choose an option that will be easy to use, provide plenty of natural light and will fit your home’s style. From the number of glass panels you need to the color of the trim to the direction you want the door to open, every detail plays a role in your final decision.

Lift and slide doors offer better views, take up less space and offer more energy-efficiency. After assessing what is right for you and your home, it might be time to consider modernizing your space with a lift and slide door.


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