Family walking towards a building along tree lined pathway.


April 30, 2019

Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for an annual event in the construction industry: National Window Safety Week.

The National Safety Council launched Window Safety Week to create awareness around window safety and educate homeowners and professionals alike so as to encourage safety in home design.

When the weather warms up, we open windows more frequently to cool our homes and let in fresh air. While we’re all enjoying the spring season, homeowners, designers and architects should keep in mind a few safety tips to help protect homes year-round.

Safety Tips for Homeowners

Family walking towards a building along tree lined pathway.


Architects and designers know how crucial windows are in the design of a home: Windows contribute to the style of a home and have a positive impact on indoor health by providing natural light and access to the outdoors.

Window design can also support the safety and protection of a home, and in honor of Window Safety Week, we’ve put together a few tips for architects, designers and homeowners to keep in mind.

Certainly, our homes provide protection from severe weather and extreme temperatures, but homeowners also need a safety plan in case of an emergency in the house.

Here are a few things everyone should keep in mind:

  • Make sure everyone in the home knows how to operate the windows and doors properly.
  • If smoke or fire is blocking any exits in the home, windows are a secondary method of escape. Homeowners should teach children how to safely use the windows during a fire emergency.
  • Take note of any doors and windows that can be used to exit the home. Make sure any escape routes are free from clutter and tripping hazards (like furniture or electrical cords).
  • Architect and designers: Make sure all of the window installations are up to code! Local fire departments and building code officials can help determine if the home meets safety requirements.
  • Window screens can keep insects and other pests from getting inside, but they won’t stop children from falling or getting out.

"Remember that when it comes to safety, there's no substitute for adult supervision, so it's essential to teach children to keep play away from windows, doors and balconies," says Donna Stein Harris, Executive Director for the National Safety Council.

Window and Glass Solutions for Safety

Home should be designed with safety in mind by using the right solutions and window systems.

But homeowners don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics if they want a safer home. Some window manufacturers provide safety measures in their glass designs and are still able to achieve stunning results.

Customize Window Designs That Encourage Safety

Room with horizontal windows.


Window manufacturers want to meet today’s homeowners’ demands for safety and style, but that means they need options.

MINIMAL Glass + Door (MGD) is one manufacturer that pairs their modern glass designs with quality hardware, giving homeowners near limitless options for windows. With styles that meet any taste and a multitude of color choices, homeowners can invest in a customized window solution for their home that will also keep their families safe.

Capture Impressive Views With a Curtain Wall


This glass curtain wall design from MGD provides plenty of natural light and unbeatable views. Instead of installing windows, architects and designers can design homes with bigger expanses of glass, adding style and value.

The MWall featured above meets even the most rigid standards for energy efficiency, can accept either dual or triple glazing and is custom designed for every project.

Creative Solutions for Glass Design

If you’re looking to make an impact in your space and want to give homeowners access to natural light and impressive views, maybe a glass door system will work better with their design.

Living room and dining room with large sliding glass door.


Gone are the clunky, hard-to-open sliding doors of the past. MLift from MGD comes with innovative hardware that makes the door easy to operate and safe for everyone in the family.

Building With Safety in Mind

We should always build with the safety in mind, and thankfully there are glass solutions that can achieve both style and home protection.

If you want to learn more about achieving safe, code-compliant glass design, contact us for a consultation and we’ll work with you on your next project.


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