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June 10, 2019


Creating homes that feature indoor-outdoor living spaces and unlimited views is a growing trend in home design and a great idea for summer homes in the Pacific Northwest. One of the best ways to achieve this type of engaging design is by selecting the right house windows and glass doors in the design phase.

Need some summer homes inspiration for your future designs? Here are several examples of the latest window designs and door ideas that allow you to blend outdoor beauty with your indoor style to create a more inviting vacation home.

Sliding Glass Doors

Gone are the days of the bulky traditional patio sliding glass doors. Today’s doors create a floor-to-ceiling glass wall exterior that is also functional. These doors offer fantastic views and give you the ability to create openings between interior spaces and outdoor patio areas.



When considering glass doors in Vancouver, MINIMAL Glass + Door’s sliding doors give you the expansive views you want with more design freedom and a higher level of operability when compared to other glass doors.

MGD’s MLift doors offer countless color options to match your home’s style and feature lift and slide hardware that creates a tight air seal on operable panels, allowing for easier operation when they are in the “lift” position.

Stacking Glass Doors

Stacking glass doors may seem similar to sliding glass doors, but they can offer more versatility when it comes to creating larger indoor-outdoor living areas. Stacking glass doors usually have multiple panels stack one behind the other as they slide to either side of a wall.

Exteior view of ulta modern Vancouver home with windows by MINIMAL Glass + Door.


Three-paneled stacker doors are most common, with one panel remaining stationary while the other two panels slide in behind it. Building on the three-panel style, six-panel stacking doors are often used to further open an exterior wall, with one fixed panel at each end of the wall and two panels that slide in either direction.

When thinking about design and décor, ensure your doors will slide to the side where you have the least amount of furniture. Or with six-panel set-ups, keep the furniture and décor to a minimum on each end.

Glass Accordion Doors

A glass wall exterior is a great way to showcase fabulous views while leveraging opportunities for more space. Folding glass doors installed on exterior walls are perfect for creating the ultimate indoor-outdoor living space.

Glass accordion doors can be folded off to one or both sides, giving you the capability to double the size of your entertaining space. If you choose to install folding glass doors in multiple rooms, you have the potential to open up an even larger portion (or a complete side) of your home.

Home with accordion folding windows.


MGD’s MFold Accordion Door System is highly versatile. With a wide selection of color choices and folding combinations, MFold easily adapts to any design style. The system can also feature up to seven panels, making living spaces larger for entertaining or simply more relaxing to enjoy open-air views.

It’s important to remember accordion door panels fold at 90-degree angles, so you need to determine if they need to have an in-swing or out-swing, depending on which one will work for your summer home’s design.

Custom Shaped Windows & Glass Curtain Wall Systems

When it comes to summer home windows ideas, oversized windows and glass walls are a great feature for seasonal homes. Capitalizing on the natural light of long, summer days, these wall systems help create stunning panoramic views and can also open up interior rooms in unique ways.

Commercial building with large curtain wall.


Homes with lofts, vaulted ceilings and A-frame construction are great options for using these types of house windows that typically require a custom design. MINIMAL Glass + Door offers a high level of customization to make any architect’s vision a reality. Their MWall curtain wall profiles also make window designs more energy efficient by using double or triple glazing and unique thermal breaks.

Interior Glass Walls

With all the focus on outdoor views, it’s easy to forget you can also utilize interior glass walls to add to the unique look and layout of your summer home, especially if you’re dealing with space constrictions.

Window and door solutions guide for high-end homes. Available for download.


Adding glass walls within a house helps you separate living areas without losing your scenic view and making your home feel smaller. So, you can have the look of an open floor plan while still creating an element of privacy for any remote office or library you want while vacationing.

Transom Windows

Another way to maximize lighting and create a more open space is through the use of transom windows. Traditionally, these windows were located over a window or door’s transom beam—hence the name.

Home in Vancouver with modern black windows.


Today, these windows are seen in many locations throughout a house to let in extra light and also act as a custom decorative element—a great idea to give your summer home a more unique look.

How Will You Customize Your Summer Home?

By paying attention to windows and doors design, you can showcase your magnificent summer views and blend them into the home’s overall aesthetic and functionality—creating a gorgeous look and feel for your home away from home.

Looking for more summer homes inspiration? Check out MINIMAL Glass + Door’s gallery for inspiration and see how you can make natural light and unlimited views part of your summer home design in the Pacific Northwest.


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